Download signal processing apps

USB Sound Level Meter (Android)

SLM app including octave and FFT analysis (Android)

SLM app including octave and FFT analysis (iPhone)

USB Reverberation Meter (Android)

Reverberation Time Measurements (Android)

Reverberation Time measurements (iPhone)

Download signal processing documents

Impulse response measurements using MLS

Fast convolution using polynomial transforms

Design and properties of the Moriat windows

Signal Analysis formulas

Sine generator using Farey fractions

FFT for real valued signals

Resampling using a FIR filter

44.1 and 48 kHz A-weighting filter

Least square approximation

Linear programming and the Simplex algorithm

Analog and digital filter design

Sine and Sine Sweep measurements

Interpolation for sample rate change

Cubic spline interpolation

Introduction to Linear Time Invariant Systems

Reverberation time measurements

ASD 75th Anniversary Coin Challenge

Introduction to Gödel theory

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"Embedded Software for the IoT" by Klaus Elk
With an outset in the history of the Internet and the World-Wide-Web,
the author provides the foundation for understanding loT and the related terms. Modern CPU's and Operating Systems are introduced.
This leads to Best Practices in the many disciplines needed to build and maintain a Connected Embedded System.